My name is Rafael S. Carretero, born and raised in Lima, Peru. I am an Architect with a Masters UX Service Designer currently based in Warsaw, Poland as Feb. 2024. My professional background includes positions in public and private institutions in: The Valletta Design Cluster in Malta, Check Point in Switzerland, The Marie Sklodowska National Oncology Center in Poland, Generative Care Society in Italy, Baumschlager Eberle Arkitekten Group in Vietnam and the Ministry of Education in Peru.
I have always been the kind of Architect more focused about how is the design of the building going to impact on the person, their surroundings but specially within the society. During my 10+ years of experience I have always paid special attention to the experience of the user in the building but at the same time the experience of other actors surrounding or using the architecture. This is how I developed a big passion User Experience and Service Design, because, at the end, a building is the place where a service is provided so it has to be designed taking in count all of the stakeholders, from the smallest to the biggest but also be designed with the required about of knowledge of what is going to happen in and out aiming to have a positive experience for all the users.
Right Now, I am finishing my PhD in the Medical Field of the University of Bologna in Italy, doing my research about Cancer Patient experience, a topic that is not available on scientific literature. However, on the professional side, I am working as a consultant for some small entrepreneurships in and out of the medical field providing them with powerful insights to improve their processes, enhance their market entry and increase their sells.
I am an expert on the research field, and my experience has made my co-workers and bosses aware of my "HUMAN" approach to all my projects, they described my work as "looking into every direction in order not to harm anyone but at the same time take profit for the organization I work for".  
If you have any inquire, doubt, proposal or want to know more about my job, feel free to contact me. 
Have a nice Day.​​​​​​​