My name is Rafael S. Carretero, born and raised in Lima, Peru. I am an Architect with a
Masters UX Service Designer currently based in Bologna, Italy. My professional background includes positions in public and private institutions in: Malta, Switzerland, Italy, Vietnam and Peru.
I am the kind of Architect worried more about how is the building going to impact in the surroundings and within the society, and that's how I developed a big passion for Service Design, because at the end a building is the place where a service is being provided so it has to be designed taking in count all of the stakeholders, from the smallest to the biggest.
Right Now I am completely focused on keep growing in the Service Design fields and trying to connect it with my previous experiences in order to provide the best offer. At the moment I work as a freelance designer with some Italian and Peruvian clients  and doing a SD Research in how to apply AI to the diagnosis of Cancer by studying the Urban Factors but I am always looking forward to expand my horizons.  
If you have any inquire or want to know more about my job, feel free to contact me. 
Have a nice Day.
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